About Us

Started from kitchen table origins as a family business established in Tipton, deep in the heart of pork scratching country, just after World War II. In the early days we produced hand-fried crisps but over the years have become specialists in pork scratchings.

Not for us the bland and crumbly mass-produced scratchings that give the industry a bad name. Our scratchings are made from only the finest quality rind, cooked slowly by hand in small batches. The slow and gentle cooking creates a scratching full of flavour with a real bite to it – and the small batches mean we can keep a close eye on our scratchings while they are cooking, ensuring consistently top quality scratchings.

Enjoyed the world over, the pork scratching has its birthplace in the UK and Whit Products uses our experience and traditional methods to bring back the taste and quality of a bygone pork scratching era.